Native Cincinnatian Jamie Litchfield-Moum is a logophile. She enjoys reading and playing with words. When she doesn't have her face buried in a book, she can be found carousing with her dog, working on something crafty, or playing video games. She relishes a good road trip; the kind with a defined destination and a lot of little off-the-beaten-track discoveries along the way. You can find her handmade jewelry and other wearable items in her Etsy shop, Urania Dreamt.


September 2014 - current
Owner - Urania Dreamt

June 2013 - current
Editor - Gothesque Magazine

December 2012 - current
Secretary - SPARC2 Auto Racing Club

November 2012 - current
Mapping Our History: A Study of the Maps of the Sayler Park Area

March 2012 - current
Technical Officer - Sayler Park Historical Society


email: j.litchfield-moum[at]